Advanced Membership Plugin For WordPress

This versatile plugin allows you to create user communities in a few minutes. It comes with tons of useful shortcodes which give you the capability to customize any WordPress Theme.


Don’t waste time creating Sign up & Sign in forms,Users Ultra comes with flexible User Registration and Login forms. Adding custom fields is really easy by using the unique Field Customizer tool.

Social Connect Buttons

Users Ultra lets your users sign in and sign up by using their social accounts souch as Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is modern and it gives you a clear view of your members. Approve, deny or deleting users is made really easy.


Users Ultra has been designed to display your content just as beautifully on desktop displays as on mobile devices.

Membership Packages

Please choose a package that best suits your needs.


Use On 1 Site

1 Year


  • You can Install Users Ultra PRO on 1 website.
  • 1 Year of Updates & Support.
  • Ideal for personal websites or small companies.
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Use On 3 Sites

1 Year


  • You can Install Users Ultra PRO on 3 websites.
  • 1 Year of Updates & Support.
  • Ideal for personal websites or small companies.
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Use On Unlimited Sites

1 Year


  • You can install Users Ultra PRO on unlimited websites.
  • 1 Year of Updates & Support.
  • Ideal for developers and companies that handle many websites.
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Use On Unlimited Sites



  • You can install Users Ultra PRO on unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited Updates & Support.
  • Ideal for developers and companies that handle many websites.
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Key Features

These are just the main features of Users Ultra PRO – scroll down to see all the amazing functionality this plugin includes.


Users Ultra comes with a "Follow" feature, this is a useful feature for users that want to follow other users' activity

Elegant Users Panel

Users have an elegant panel to manage their photos, personal information and messages.

Pricing Tables

You don't need to create pricing tables for your membership plans. Users Ultra comes with a Pricing Table Shortcode.


Friend request feature allows users to block content and make it visible to their friends only. The user has the capability to upload public and private photos.

Multisite Support

When running WordPress MultiSite, It allows you to activate Users Ultra Pro for the entire network of sites by just one click.

Badges & Achievement

Create and award badges to your users manually, or based on what they accomplish.


Users have the capability to like users, photos and galleries just like the famous Facebook functionality

Photos and Galleries

One of the most popular features of Users Ultra is the capability to allow users to create multiple galleries.

YouTube & Vimeo Videos

Users have the capability to add favorites videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

5 Stars Rating System

Users can rate users, photos and galleries by using the 5 Stars Rating Feature.

New Features

We add new features every week for the Pro version. We love to hear your ideas for new features, please let us know your suggestions or requests.

Automatic Updates

Yes, Users Ultra Pro can be updated through the Plugins area in your Wordpress Admin Panel.

Users Wall

Yes, just like Facebook Users Ultra comes with a User's Wall

Latest Posts

The visitors can see the user's latest posts within the user's profile.

Profile Background Image

Users can easily add a background image to their profiles.

Customizable Profile

The Pro Version includes the unique and innovative Widgetized Users Profile. Let your users build their own profile by dragging and dropping elements where they choose.

Users Management

The Pro version includes a powerful users management module. Easily approve/deny users, upgrade and downgrade users' memberships and more.

Free Support

Support is free as it is with Users Ultra Lite. Support is not associated with your purchase price. However, questions from Pro users will be handled first.

Even More Amazing Features

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced developer. Users Ultra PRO includes tons of great features that will make your life easier when building your user's community.

What People Are Saying?

See what our PRO members are saying about Users Ultra PRO

Awesome, powerful community

My rating:

By Petnicity, June 17, 2015

I recommend this plugin to anyone who is considering building a community-based, user-featured website. UU is deep with features and options. It is more than a plugin, it is an entire website! Almost every week they release an update fixing bugs and making it even better than before! The only thing better than the plugin itself, is the support from Frank and his crew. Get the Pro version and your online community is good-to-go!

Outstanding Plugin and better support!

My rating:

By fernanda.dasilvamil, May 25, 2015

UU is a great plugin, I'm a Pro user and o just wanted to share my positive experience with the comunity. Although, my english is not good the support guys were very helpful. I purchased the plugin for my client and I ended up upgrading to multi site license. Now i use the plugin on mu own social network. The widgetized user profile is something amazing!! Thank you very much for this plugin.

Grateful for this plugin

My rating:

By mevfrancisco, April 21, 2015

I've been blogging for a couple of years now and I've been looking for a plugin like this one that's easy to use and not too complicated for people like me who are not too techy or know much about codes. I'd have to say that this plugin has pretty much saved me time, money, and energy, and we all know how it deserves more than a five star. I've never had problems so far, and everything's going smoothly at the moment. It makes blogging and managing a website so much easier for me, really! Hats off!

Wonderful plugin & support

My rating:

By aditya1385, March 26, 2015

It's easy to make network using Users Ultra Plugin. There are many good features which I have used. I'm using this plugin from last 2 months and there is no any problem or issue. I was having several queries about plugin customization but their support solved my all issues. I can say their support is very nice and user friendly. I'll not hesitate to contact them if I'll be having any doubts. Thanks for giving good service.

More Than A Plugin!

My rating:

By chelleginee,F March 20, 2015

I cant say enough good things about Users Ultra! I have the pro version, the capabilities of this in depth wonderful plugin are outstanding. This plugin transformed my website and every week more and more wonderful features are added. The support team is wonderful, even though they are always so busy they return messages in a reasonable time and go above and beyond to help! I had an issue that was theme specific and out of their scope of service and they still took time to help me! I cant say enough good things -thank you Users Ultra!

Easy to customize and friendly support

My rating:

By Deeemie,February 25, 2015

It’s not my intention to offend the other authors, but.. Users Ultra has become one of the most powerful plugins on WordPress. Soon this plugin will be the bbPess alternative, I don't have any doubts about that! I’ve been paying attention to the changelog and I am amazed about the great support! It is great to have so many social login options, I thank you for that! I do think it would be great if you could add VK as well! I hope this will be available soon...

Robust & Simple with tons of features

My rating:

By HarperJones,February 5, 2015

I've been using this for a few months now. The UI is really great and it can be easily adapted to the most popular themes. A remarkable thing is the support, I’m a "lite" user and Alex treats me as if I am a premium member. That’s something I’ve never seen with other similar companies. Thanks guy!

Great plugin and support

My rating:

By, December 10, 2014

This plugin and the support guys have been helpful to me and my clients. Thanks Alex for your help, you have been very kind always that i needed it. I wish i could support you even more. Althoug, i have upgraded to pro i think you deserve more than that. You never give up and the changelo is a proof of that, i can see how you help people here and on your official forums. Again, thanks for making it free, i don't have doubt this plugin is helping lots of users. Thanks Gary

I’m very happy with this plugin

My rating:

By Maggie Marques, November 17, 2014

Amazing plugin with tons of great features! Honestly, I don’t even need all of the functions it includes. However I can see the potential of Users Ultra for more experienced people who would benefit from all this plugin has to offer. It's also updated quite often which is wonderful. 5 stars for the quick setup and great support!


My rating:

By diegodiezcraciones,September 19, 2014

There was a simple issue with the translation that was addressed in just one hour. Aside from that works perfect. Thanks Alex for your support. It deserves a 5 stars.

More than I expected

My rating:

By davidoryang, June 9, 2014

It was among the first plugins I installed, and I honestly thought I would find a better one as time went on. Right now I can comfortably say it is the best of its kind.

Awesome plugin!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep it live!

My rating:

By mergethegreat, May 7, 2014

This is a great plugin with lots of potential! I haven't found any other plugs like this besides going with something like buddypress which can be overload for lots of projects. This got the job done for me, thanks!

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