Priority Support for Users Ultra Pro

This post is to clarify our policy in providing support for Users Ultra Pro.

As with Users Ultra Lite available on, we provide free support for our Pro version. The difference with Users Ultra Pro is simply that we will respond to support queries ahead of those asking for support for the Lite version of our plugin.

Having said that, we have a policy of responding to support as soon as we can. We try to respond within 24 hours, but that doesn’t always happen due to a number of contributing factors. If there is a delay in our response please be patient, we will get to you as soon as we can. We do not normally monitor the forums on the weekend. If we are available on weekends it is a courtesy. Please don’t become upset if we don’t respond on the weekends.

Please keep in mind, each situation and problem faced with our plugin is much like WordPress itself. There are many different configurations for servers, now over 33,000 different free plugins and climbing, and an untold amount of premium plugins which can be found on  different websites. As well as thousands of different themes. We cannot guarantee that all plugins will work seamlessly with Users Ultra Lite or Users Ultra Pro. We cannot code to make things work perfectly all the time with all plugins and themes.

However, we strive to do the best we can to troubleshoot all issues related to Users Ultra (both versions).

If we cannot replicate an issue on our test sites and we have not had similar issues with other installs, we will most likely need access to your site in order to assist. If you do not wish to allow us access, we will not be able to assist you. This means both versions of Users Ultra.

What we need to assist will include the following:

1. Version of WordPress installed.

2. Version of Users Ultra (Free or Pro) activated on the site.

3. Any information you have relating to the issue you are reporting. That will include what you have attempted to do to resolve the issue prior to asking for assistance.

4. Temporary Admin access and possibly FTP access so that we can make changes to our code if needed.

If you are unwilling to provide what we need, please see the following links which may help you troubleshoot issues you might be having.

Problems with WordPress 4.0 and other versions

What to do when you can’t access the admin area of your site.

How to enable WordPress User Registration

Troubleshooting your website


If you follow these helps and still have no success, we are most happy to help.

Before asking for support please read:

Something to Consider When Asking for Support


Please help us help you.


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