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Users Ultra comes with lots of great features that allows you to create a users community in few steps. It comes with a Private Messaging System, Paid One-time & Recurring Payment Membership module. User's photo galleries, User's videos, Drag&Drop photo uploader.

Featured Users

Users Ultra comes with a flexible shortcode that allows you to display as many Featured Users as you wish

[usersultra_users_featured users_list='55 , 59, 60' optional_fields_to_display='rating'] 

Top Rated Users

Display Top Rated Users in any place on the screen by using a simple shortcode.

[usersultra_users_top_rated optional_fields_to_display='rating,social,country'  display_country_flag='both'] 

Top Rated Photos

Shortcode to dislplay top rated photos anywhere.

[usersultra_photo_top_rated ] 

Most Visited Users

Shortcode to dislplay most visited users.

[usersultra_users_most_visited optional_fields_to_display='social' pic_size='80' ] 

User Spotlight

This shortcode lets you promote one or unlimited users by displaying their profiles in a particularly elegant way.

[usersultra_users_promote optional_fields_to_display='rating,social' users_list='59'  display_country_flag='both'] 

Promote Photos Easily

Users Ultra provides you with a shortcode to promote photos by using any of the different sizes.

[usersultra_photos_promote photo_list='95,91' photo_type='photo_large'] 

Another User Spotlight

This examples shows a different user's photo size and some custom text.

    [usersultra_users_latest optional_fields_to_display='social' ] 

    Latest Users

    Shortcode to display latest users.

    [usersultra_users_latest optional_fields_to_display='social' ] 

    Latest Uploaded Photos

    Shortcode to display latest photos.


    Latest Users

    Shortcode to display latest users.

    [usersultra_users_latest optional_fields_to_display='social' ] 

    Logged in Protection

    Shortcode to display data only to logged in users.

    Only Logged in users can see the content
    [usersultra_protect_content display_rule='logged_in_based'  custom_message_loggedin='Only Logged in users can see the content']Your private content here [/usersultra_protect_content]

    Memership Protection

    Shortcode to display data only to certain membership packages.

    Only Gold and Platinum Members can see this Video
    [usersultra_protect_content display_rule='membership_based' membership_id='1'  custom_message_membership='Only Gold and Platinum Members can see this Video'] Private Content... [/usersultra_protect_content] 

    Tags Protection

    The content protection shortcodes comes with the option "ccap" that will let you input comma separated tags. You can use the Users module to assign tags to your users and assign them special capabilities. Only users with those tags will be able to see the private content.

    Content visible only for registered users.
    [usersultra_protect_content ccap='exclusive'] Private Content... [/usersultra_protect_content] 

    Responsive Modern Login

    Users Ultra has a modern, responsive and totally customizable Login form which includes One-Click Social Connect Options. Let your users sign up with just one click by using their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google or LinkedIn account.


    Responsive Registration Form

    The registration process can be done either by using a common sign up form or by using one of the following Social Media Websites. All the social media options can be deactivated through the admin panel and it includes the capability to deactivate the common registration form and let your users sign up by using only a Social Media Account.

    Sign Up
    Fields with (*) are required
    Account Info
    Password must be at least 7 characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
    Type your password again.
    Profile Info
    Contact Info
    Social Profiles

    Flexible Users Directory

    Highly customizable Users directory, you can set how many users to display per page, user's country name, country's flag, stars rating, total votes and many more user's data.

    1 2 3 215

    Total found: 1290 Users

    • Admin


      Rating: 4.0/10

      Country not available

      This user hasn't entered a description yet

    • Albert Doe


      Rating: 8.0/10

      United Kingdom United Kingdom

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut. …

    • Alicia Smith


      Rating: 10.0/10

      United States United States

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore …

    • Rolan


      Rating: 10.0/10

      Country not available

      This user hasn't entered a description yet

    • Marco Surita


      Rating: 8.0/10

      United States United States


    • Ada Reyes


      Rating: 10.0/10

      Country not available

      This user hasn't entered a description yet

    1 2 3 215
    [usersultra_directory list_per_page=6 optional_fields_to_display='social,rating,country,description' display_country_flag='both' pic_boder_type='rounded'] 

    Minified Users List

    1 2 3 162

    Total found: 1290 Users

    1 2 3 162
    [usersultra_directory_mini list_per_page=8 optional_fields_to_display='' display_country_flag='only' pic_size=50 pic_boder_type='rounded'] 

    Elegant User Profiles

    By using Users Ultra you will able to display Elegant User Profiles. The User's Profile is totally customizable and you can display any custom fields you have added by using the fields customizer through the admin panel.

    The Users have the capability to add multiple Photo Galleries and Unlimited Photos. Also, adding favorite videos from you Youtube and Vimeo is available.

    You have to be logged in to send messages

    [usersultra_profile template_width='80%' user_id= '59' pic_boder_type='rounded' pic_type='avatar' optional_fields_to_display='rating,social,country,badges' display_country_flag='both' display_private_message='yes' ] 

    Pricing Tables

    Users Ultra comes with easy to use Pricing Tables Shortcodes. We've desinged 6 differnt styles of tables that will match your website look perfectly. You can see an example of the Pricing Tables below. You don't need to use CSS but only use the shortcodes we have developed for you to use.

    • text
    • text
    • text
    • text
    • 15GB Bandwidth
    • 350 MB Storage
    • 5 Domains
    • 4
    • 25GB Bandwidth
    • 450 MB Storage
    • 7 Domains
    • 4
    • 35GB Bandwidth
    • 550 MB Storage
    • 9 Domains
    • 4
    [respo_pricing plan="Premium" cost="$300" per="per month" button_url="#" button_text="Sign Up" button_color="blak" button_target="self" button_rel="nofollow" ][/respo_pricing]

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